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Tên Khoa học: Aspidistra tillichiana O.Colin
Tên tiếng Anh:
Tên tiếng Việt: Tỏi đá ti-lích
Tên khác:


Rhizome creeping, plagiotropic, 10 mm diameter, densely nodal, roots numerous. Leaves paired, each pair spaced 2 cm from the next one, petiolate. Petiole stiff, more or less erect, 4-5,5 cm long, 2-2,5 mm diameter, adaxially sulcate, prominently inflated (up to 6 mm) at base along about 1cm. Leave blade arching, narrowly oblong, 28-36 cm long, 2-3 cm wide, attenuate at base, narrowly acuminate at apex, mid green, with an impressed midvein and inconspicuous secondary veins above, strongly raised midvein and visible secondary veins below. Flower solitary, arising from the rhizome, pedunculate. Peduncle arching, purple, terete, 2 cm long, with 1 sterile bract at middle of peduncle, 2 bracts at base of perigone. Bracts whitish, streaked with purple, triangular ovate, concave. Flowers horizontal to slightly orientated upward. Perigone tube widely campanulate, 9 mm long, 11 mm in diameter, yellow green, densely streaked/ dotted purple abaxially, purple adaxially except a yellow line running from stamens base down to base of pistil. Lobes 6, subequal, triangular ovate, straight, erect or slightly spreading, fleshy, obtuse at apex, adaxial surface irregularly verruculose, 8 mm long, 6 mm wide at base, base with denticulate, more or less erect, purplish appendages of 1 mm length. Stamens 6, inserted above middle of perigone tube, straight, protruding horizontally to slightly descending, approaching the style just below stigma, filaments 3 mm long, yellow, blotched purple at their base, visible from above in the space between stigma and perigone wall, anthers facing base of perigone, pale yellow, elliptic, connective extended 1 mm beyond anther tip. Pistil mushroom shaped, 9 mm long, style cylindrical, constricted at middle, ca. 4 mm long, ca. 1 mm across, yellow, streaked purple, stigma conical with lateral surface slightly concave, ca. 4 mm high, 5-6 mm across, lateral surface whitish with 6 irregular, oblong purple markings. Fruit unknown.


Endemic of Northern Vietnam; Vinh Phuc Prov., Tam Dao National Park.


Primary broad-leaved evergreen forest growing on boulders on steep slopes, 1100 m a.s.l. The plant was found at the base of a trunk, among its main roots, just on the side of a trail.


Aspidistra tillichiana - OLIVIER COLIN.jpg at

Ảnh 1. Aspidistra tillichiana - OLIVIER COLIN.jpg


Giới: Thực vật
Ngành: Magnoliophyta
Lớp: Liliopsida
Bộ: Asparagales
Họ: Asparagaceae
Chi: Aspidistra


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