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Tên Khoa học: Aspidistra triradiata N.Vislobokov
Tên tiếng Anh:
Tên tiếng Việt: Tỏi đá ba tia
Tên khác:


Herbaceous perennial, rhizomatous, evergreen plant. Rhizome creeping, with very short internodes, epigeous, 0 8.6¬9.0 [8.8] mm. Roots grey, 0 2.4 mm, with 2-3-layered velamen and dense hairs persistent up to root base, endoderm 2-3-layered, pericycle of cells with not lignified walls. Rhizomes with regularly repeating units, each comprising distichously arranged phylloms: 4-8 cataphylls followed by 3-5 foliage leaves. Cataphylls oblong, 8.5-16.5 [12.5] cm long, 9 mm wide. Foliage leaves not divided into petiole and lamina, leaf gradually narrowing to base. Leaf base dark to light green, adaxially sulcate, 2.7-5.2 [3.9] mm wide. Leaf blade dark to light green, linear, distally narrowly acuminate, 56-82.5 [73.3] cm long, 1.2-2 [1.6] cm wide, with 1-2 secondary veins at both sides of the midvein. The midvein prominent at lower surface and the secondary veins somewhat prominent at upper surface. Peduncle (specialized reproductive shoot) pale green with purple spots, 0.7-3.7 [2.1] cm long, 0 2.3-3.5 [3] mm, with 3-5 widely ovate, 7.5-10.1 [8.5] mm long, 5.6-6.5 [6.1] mm wide distichously arranged scale leaves. Flower solitary at the end of a peduncle. Perigone urceolate, 18.2-23.9 [20.4] mm long, 0 17.5-28.1 [23.1] mm; tube white with purple spots to completely purple outside, purple and verrucose inside, 15.6-18.6 [14.6] mm long, 0 14.2-19.8 [17.1] mm; lobes 6(-7), purple spotted to completely purple at both sides, verrucose at upper side, triangular-ovate, obtuse, 7.6-10.5 [9.3] mm long, 3.9-8.3 [5.6] mm wide, lobes basally with 4 prominent verrucose longitudinal keels, 2 median keels extending down inside perigone, each lateral keel fusing with adjacent one. Stamens 6(-7), in the same number as perigone lobes, inserted at the bottom of the perigone tube, at the radii of tepals; anthers sessile, 2.5-2.8 [2.7] mm long, 2.4 mm wide, introrse. Pistil table-shaped, 6.5-8.8 [7.9] mm high (Fig. 2g). Style white, 3.1-3.5 [3.3] mm long, 0 1.9-2.9 [2.5] mm. Stigma white with three purple radial lines and purple edge at the upper side, white at lower side, disc-shaped, papillose at the upper surface, slightly convex, 0 11.7-15 [13.2] mm. Ovary inconspicuous, superior, 3- locular. Fruits are unknown.

Etymology:—The specific epithet refers to the color pattern of stigma which includes three radial bright purple lines.

Distribution: —The species is known only from the type locality.

Taxonomic relationships:—The new species resembles and closely relates to the A. hainanensis complex mentioned by Tillich & Averyanov (2012). The complex includes SE Asian Aspidistra species with oblanceolate to lineate, tufted leaves and trimerous flowers, e.g. A. caespitosa Pei (1939: 101), .A. larutensis De Wilde & Vogel (2005: 126), A. linearifolia Wan & Huang (1987: 220), A. lingchuanensis Lin & Guo in Guo et al. (2015: 86), A. minutiflora Stapf (1903: 113), A. yingjiangensis Peng (1989: 173). However, A. triradiata shows a number of peculiar character- states, i.e. clearly urceolate perigone tube, 4 verrucose keels, verrucose adaxial surfaces of tepals and tube, and peculiar color patterns of perigone and stigma


Aspidistra triradiata N.Vislobokov.jpg at

Ảnh 1. Aspidistra triradiata N.Vislobokov.jpg


Giới: Thực vật
Ngành: Magnoliophyta
Lớp: Liliopsida
Bộ: Asparagales
Họ: Asparagaceae
Chi: Aspidistra


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