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Tên Khoa học: Cleisostoma subulatum Blume
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Described from Java (“Java, Tjilele, Parang, Tjanjor”). Type (“Blume s.n.”) - L.

Ecology: Epiphyte. Dry evergreen lowland forests. 100-500 m. Fl. December-January, March-July. Locally common. Estimated IUCN Red List status - DD.

Distribution: Vietnam: Binh Phuoc (Loc Ninh). Bhutan, NE. India, S. Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Malacca Peninsula, Indonesia, Philippines.

Studied specimens: VIETNAM: Binh Phuoc (Song Be) province, Loc Ninh district, May 1991, Nguyen Thien Tich 00.05.91 (SGN); Binh Phuoc province, 14 May 2010, Nguyen Thien Tich 14.05.10 (SGN); Wild collected plants originated presumably from areas of southern Vietnam adjacent to the Cambodian border, Nguyen Van Canh sine no (LE - photos). CAMBODIA: Kaoh Rong Samoloem Khong Island in Siam Gulf, to the N of Sianukwille town, low hills around point 10°36’45’N 103°18’38’’, dry evergreen lowland forest, 19 November 2011, TMaisak, M.Telepova, L.Osinovets 845 (LE).

Note: This widespread species was observed as a fairly common plant in southern Cambodia near the border with Vietnam border hence its discovery in Vietnam was expected. At the same time, the relation of C. subulatum and the closely related species - C. rostratum (very common in northern Vietnam) remains unclear. Some specimens from central Laos have obviously intermediate morphology and sometimes are difficult to identify. In Vietnam both species look quite distinct in their morphology and distribution. Large narrow leaves, long many and dense flowered inflorescence, as well as more or less straight, broad triangular lip apex are main differences of C. subulatum in Vietnam. Cleisostoma rostratum occurring in northern part of the country has distinctly smaller leaves, always simple, few sparse flowered inflorescences and rather slender subulate lip apex strongly bent upward.


Giới: Thực vật
Ngành: Magnoliophyta
Lớp: Liliopsida
Bộ: Orchidales
Họ: Orchidaceae
Chi: Cleisostoma


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