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Scientific name: Dipteridaceae
English name:
Vietnamese name: Ráng hai cánh (Ráng song dực)
Other name:


Terrestrial ferns, rhizome underground, moderately long-creeping, woody, solenostelic with a dense pith, bearing dark reddish wide-based bristles (sometimes appearing scale-like when dry. Frond very long-stipitate, the stipes not articulate to the rhizome, with a single U-shaped vascular strand, the lamina in 2 equal halves, +/- deeply incised between the veins or costae, often glaucous beneath, glabrous or loosely hairy, main lateral veins or costae +/- equally dichotomously branched, the lateral veins forming a single series of primary areoles with included and submarginal areoles with included free veinlets, or as regular cross-veins between the costae with 2 - 3 orders of areoles with included free veinlets. Sporangia borne as discrete round sori at the union of minor veinlets, exindusiate, with filiform glandular paraphyses, annulus complete, oblique; spores monolete, smooth, translucent.

Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta
Class: Polypodiopsida
Order: Gleicheniales


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