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Tương thích với

Tên Khoa học: Flickingeria xanthocheila Aver.
Tên tiếng Anh:
Tên tiếng Việt: Lan phích vàng
Tên khác:


Perennial sympodial rhizomatous epiphytic or lithophytic herb with erect stems ascending near base. Rhizome creeping, few branching, (4)5– 15(25) cm long, composed by plagiotropic, terete, (4)5– 7(8)-nodal segments, each (1.5)2–5(6) cm long, (2.5)3– 4(5) mm wide, rooting at nodes. Roots numerous, white to gray, wiry, flexuose, much branching. Stem rigid, simple or few branching, twig-like, at nodes with tubular papyraceous sheaths early disintegrating into fibrous remnants, (12)15–45(50) cm long, bearing 1– 5(6) lateral and 1 apical terminal pseudobulb. Pseudobulbs 1-leaved, fusiform, terete, usually slightly recurved, truncate, glossy, yellowish to yellowish-green, (2)3–4(5) cm long, (3)4–8(10) mm in diam. Leaves sessile, rigid, narrowly ovate to broadly lanceolate, broadest in basal half, (5)7–12(15) cm long, (1.2)1.5– 2.5(3) cm broad, acute, at apex entire or shortly bilobed, with very small unequal teeth, without median seta at sinus. Inflorescence 1–2-flowered, arising below leaf base, from bundle of many dry, fibrous, overlapping scales placed on adaxial and abaxial sides of pseudobulb apex. Flowers on short glabrous pedicel, widely opening, one-day lasting, white, light yellowish or greenish; lip white or light yellowish, epichile yellowish-pink, pink-orange, bright orange to orange-red, keels edge pale pink-orange to olive-green. Sepals and petals strongly recurved or curled back; sepals oblong narrowly ovate, obtuse, (14)15–17(18) mm long, (4.5)5–6(6.5) mm wide, lateral sepals suddenly broadened basally forming broadly conoid to almost hemispheric mentum 4–4.5 mm long, 5–6 mm wide; petals oblong lanceolate, obtuse, (11)13–14(15) mm long, 2.8–3(3.2) mm wide. Lip (1.3)1.5–1.8(2) mm long, (12)13–15(16) mm wide, 3-lobe, entire along margin; disc with keels arising from the lip base to the middle of claw; keels between side lobes lamellate, flat and straight, rising abaxially, on claw finely crisped; side lobes obliquely broadly triangular with blunt or roundish apex, erect, partially embracing column; median lobe with distinct claw, 3.5–4 mm tall, 2.5–3 mm broad, bilobulate, the lobules strongly undulate on lateral sides near the base, spreading, almost perpendicular to the lip axis, diverging, obtriangular, truncate roundish at apex, 7–8 mm long, 5–6(7) mm wide, with small triangular tooth in very broad sinus. Column pure white to yellowish, 4–5 mm long and wide; operculum white to yellowish, hemispheric, 2 mm across, truncate at front.


Species name refers golden-yellow color of flower labellum.

Habitat, phenology and conservation status

Creeping epiphyte and lithophyte. Primary and secondary broad-leaved, mixed and coniferous evergreen lowland and submontane forests on rocky eroded limestone, commonly on mountain tops. 250– 1100 m. Fl. May–August.

Locally very common.

Estimated IUCN Red List status - LC.


Vietnam provinces: Bac Kan (Ba Be district, Ba Be national park, Cho Don and Na Ri districts), Cao Bang (Tra Linh and Trung Khanhdistricts), Ha Giang (Quang Ba and Vi Xuyen districts),Ninh Binh (Nho Quan district, Cuc Phuong national park), Son La (Moc Chau district) and Thai Nguyen (Vo Nhai district).

S. China?


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Ảnh 2. Flickingeria xanthocheila on Taiwania 61(4) - 2.jpg


Giới: Thực vật
Ngành: Magnoliophyta
Lớp: Liliopsida
Bộ: Orchidales
Họ: Orchidaceae
Chi: Flickingeria


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