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Scientific name: Podochilus rotundipetala Aver. et Vuong
English name:
Vietnamese name: Túc cước hai đài tròn
Other name:


Perennial clustering lithophytic herb. Stem few to many, erect, slender, rigid, rather straight, simple, leafy throughout, covered by sheathing leaf bases, (8)10–15(17) cm tall, densely tufted on short insignificant plagiotropic rhizome. Leaves numerous, distichous, lying in one plane, rigid, coriaceous, sessile, joined, sheathing at base, elliptic, (8)10–12(14) mm long, (1.2)1.5–2(2.4) mm wide, with prominent median vein, acute. Inflorescence terminal, short, (1)2–7(10) flowered, raceme. Scape and rachis (2)4–7(10) mm long, greenish with purple tint to light, pale pink-purple; scape with few small conduplicate papyraceous bracts or several greenish conduplicate rudimentary leaves. Floral bracts greenish to pale purple, triangular, conduplicate, acute, persistent, (1.2)1.5–2(2.2) mm long, (0.5)0.6–1(1.2) mm wide. Pedicel and ovary white, cylindrical, slightly curved, (2)2.2–2.8(3) mm long, (0.6)0.8–1(1.2) mm in diam. Flowers opening in succession, entirely white, not widely opening, (2)2.2– 2.4(2.5) mm across. Sepals fleshy, subsimilar, broadly ovate to sub-circular, (1.4)1.6–1.8(2) mm long and wide; lateral sepals slightly oblique, adnate with their flesh base with very short base of the column, forming no mentum. Petals fleshy, almost circular, little shorter than sepals, forward directed. Lip fleshy, spurless, entire, shortly cymbiform, being flattened broadly obovate to sub-circular, (1.3)1.4–1.5(1.6) mm long, (0.9)1–1.2(1.3) mm wide, with fleshy apex and large inflated callus on each side at the base, joined to column base by short narrow stalk. Column shortly cylindrical, footless, (0.7)0.8–1(1.2) mm tall and wide, simple; rostellum in form of thin plate, bifurcate at apex; stigma large, concave; anther cap 0.6–0.8 mm in diam., bilobe, with small umbo at apex. Pollinarium 0.5 mm long, with narrowly ellipsoid viscidium and two half funnel-like stipes, each bearing 2 narrowly conoid pollinia. Fruit obovoid, ribbed, dirty purple capsule, (2.8)3–4(4.2) mm long.


Species epithet refers almost circular petals

Habitat, phenology and conservation status

Clustering lithophytic herb. Primary humid broad-leaved evergreen montane forests on granite. 1400–1500 m. Fl. January–February, May–June.


Estimated IUCN Red List status – DD.


Vietnam province: Khanh Hoa (Hon Ba Mountains).



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Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Liliopsida
Order: Orchidales
Familia: Orchidaceae
Genus: Podochilus


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