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Zoologic and botanical dictionary of Vietnam

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The zoologic and botanical dictionary of Vietnam is edited by Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR) since the ending years of the last century with the aim of establishing a basis for planning, development, rational usage of biological resources, and propose effective measures to protect them from risk of harm, to maintain biodiversity, biological resources in the country and worldwide.

Editing of the zoologic and botanical dictionary of Vietnam has been carried out since 1996 under a project led by the National Center for Science and Technology (NCST) (now the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology), and assigned to the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (IEBR) for implementation, with the participation of the scientific staff of the institutes, universities in the country. So far, there have been 36 episodes of zoologic and botanical dictionary (25 for animals and 11 for plants, each about 350-400 pages) was published and launched domestic and abroad. The content of the set of books focuses on the classification of animals and plants, are presented in systematically the families, varieties, species and subspecies. Each species is provided sufficient information on species names and species classification nomenclature, classification features, biological-ecological characteristics, distribution, usage value, the samples studied, and evaluation.

The set of zoology and botanical dictionary of Vietnam is the scientific works based on the results of the baseline statistics for years on biodiversity and conservation of biological resources of the country. This is a scientific literature accounting the fauna and flora in the nature of the country's by scientific staff of Vietnam and foreign countries since the early 20th century til now. This document launchs scientific and practical values ​​of animals' and plants' life existing on the land and islands of the country. The set of books provide very basic data about specific natural conditions, natural resources in our country as well as many other countries, as the scientific basis for the national economic development, planning and exploitation protection of natural biological resources in the territory of the country. This is also the basic data for use in scientific and technological research into ecological environment, natural history and other relevant scientific fields in the country.

It's the first time that Vietnam has a material which is synthetic and very basic but official, potential reliability of biological resources, the richness of Vietnam's nature, meeting timely the development of economic and social development in the reform era. These documents also provide an quite comprehensive, accurate overall knowledge on groups of important animals and plants on land and in the sea, instead of individual documents those was not sufficiently reliable published so far dispersed. This is also one of the ultimate goals of the task to be achieved baseline natural biological resources of each nation.

At the aspect of international cooperation, the publication of zoologic and botanical Vietnam is assessed as an event in the field of research and evaluation of biological resources and conservation for biodiversity in the area and the world, and are highly appeciated by the countries in the region and the world, international organizations, particularly IUCN, WWF... . Also during the survey activities, drafting of this set of books, Vietnam has expanded its relationship of scientific cooperation with many countries in many different continents, such as America, France, Russia ... countries in the region (China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia ..), the international organizations in the field of ecological and biological resources.

Besides, the project also has value in terms of improving social-economic efficiency. The publication of the zoology and botanical dictionary of Vietnam (including the groups of animals, plants, significant economic and welfare importance) has brought the standards document, relative to full use in research projects in agriculture, medicine, natural resource exploitation, farming catching objects of economic value. The correct data taxonomy, distribution, biology and ecology of the species as needed basis for use in research methods using the object of economic value.

In addition to the significance and economic efficiency - the above society, media work animals, vegetation Vietnam also affirmed the value and efficiency of science - technology. Books are the basic documents of the fauna and flora of Vietnam highly values ​​science, meet documentation requirements for biological research, ecological environment at home and abroad .

Through the inventory process, basic investigation and evaluation of biological resources, biodiversity conservation of nature, scientists have built up collections of specimens of animals, plants and database value in the participating agency mission (Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources, Institute of Oceanography, Institute of Marine Resources and Environment, University of Natural Sciences Ha Noi) to use use in later research activities.

With the great significance in terms of science and technology, socio-economic and international cooperation, works even animals, plants even Vietnam are the scientists inside and outside the country appreciated. Overall this is a special scientific excellence in basic survey operations, inventory and assessment of biological resources, biodiversity conservation of our natural water in the last period

From: Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources

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