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Hundred-year forest in the middle of village

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Nà forest is more than 17 hectares wide, is the only natural in-plain forest in Quang Ngai province, which contains diversified eco-system: high ancient trees with hundreds species of plants and animals.

On the inter-ward road connecting National Highway 1A to the Duc Thanh, Mo Duc ward, the green Nà forest is located in the middle of yellow rice field. The ancient trees are there with towering height.

Nà Forest, about 17 ha wide, a forbidden-forest in the Lam Thi Nhi village in the past (now Duc Thanh ward) is a real natural in-plain forest. According to the ancient call of the locals, the word "Nà" means "Field", because the Nà forest is surrounded with agricultural land and it has the role of maintaining water sources for agricultural production. The special characteristics is that the forest was flooded-forest but exist in areas of dry land along the coast.

Yellow rice laden with Na in the forest Duc Thanh, Mo Duc district (Quang Ngai). Photo: vnexpress.net

Nà Forest act as a "microclimates", works to prevent winter storms, in the summer, it prevent wind with sand blowing in from the sea, prevent sand from evasion to the field, supplying water to the fields around.

In the Nà Forest, remaining many bomb craters are visible which are relics of the Vietnam war have become fierce aquarium, natural water storage in year-round moisturizing the surrounding fields. During the years of war, the forest is the base of secret operations, shelters of Quang Ngai's province officers serving the revolution.

"During the war, Nà forest saved countless people in the village, became a solid basis for bring up revolution staffs. Now the forest stores water resource to provide to fields in the dry season and prevent hurrincanes in the season of storms," Phan Van Tien (73 old) said proudly.

Carrying out the project "Research to create the database, and propose solutions to biodiversity conservation, environmental and ecological history of Nà forest", the scientists from the Department of Science and Technology, Department of Natural resources and Environment of Quang Ngai province recorded 123 species of vertebrates, 52 species (timber, rare medicinal species) ... living in the Nà forest. In particular, many water birds such as storks, cauldrons ... often cluster, live in large numbers upto thousands of individuals.

Thanks to accumulate Na forests year-round water sources, fields should be kept moist rice paddies at the Duc Thanh always bumper. Photo: Tri Tin

The scientists state that Nà forest is a beautiful landscapes with natural forests, wetlands, hills surrounded by villages, fields and located near the Duc Minh beach. "If the conservation, investment in mining are well acknowledged, Nà forest will become not only a revolutionary historical beauty-spot but an eco-tourism location which attract tourists", Msc. Nguyen Quoc Tan, The Director of the Department of Environmental Protection of Quang Ngai, said.

Quoted from vnexpress.net

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