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Anti Mosquito Plants

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The high-pitched whine of a mosquito in your ear can ruin an evening spent with your family in the backyard. Not only do mosquitoes bites hurt and itch, but they can also spread disease. You can protect yourself, your family and your pets from these pests by planting anti-mosquito plants around your home. Does this Spark an idea?

Rose Geranium

Rose geranium plants are traditionally used in South Africa to help repel mosquitoes. When the leaves and flower petals of the plant are bruised, they release a pungent odor somewhat like that of a rose. The odor is what keeps mosquitoes away. You can plant rose geraniums near the doorways and windows of your home to protect it from mosquitoes. Cut a branch from a rose geranium plant and hang it over a picnic table to repel mosquitoes while you are outside. Cut up some of the plant's leaves and pour hot water over them. After the water cools, place it in a spray bottle to create a natural anti-mosquito spritz to spray on pets, clothing and skin.


Used as a medicinal herb around the world for nearly 2,000 years, catnip can do more than make your cat run around like a kitten. It also acts as an insect repellent, deterring mosquitoes, fleas and ants. Plant it in your yard and enjoy its blue flowers while it keeps mosquitoes away. Dry sprigs of it and stuff it into pet bedding to protect dogs and cats from mosquito bites. Create your own mosquito repellent spray by plucking 2 cups of catnip leaves. Dry them, shred them and place them in a jar with 3 cups of rice vinegar. Store the jar in a dark cupboard or closet and in two weeks you can pour the resulting liquid into a spray bottle. The mixture inside can be sprayed on pets, window and doorjambs and on human skin to repel mosquitoes.

Lemon Grass

You can use lemon grass to make tea, flavor salsa and keep mosquitoes away from your home. The sharp leaves can be a hazard for pets and small children, so do not plant it in areas where they like to play. Instead, pluck and dry the leaves, then hang the dried sprigs in areas where you want to deter mosquitoes. Crush the fleshy base of the leaves and rub the juice directly on your skin to repel mosquitoes. You can make your own mosquito repellent by chopping up the base of five or six lemon grass stalks and throwing them into a blender with 1 cup of vodka. Blend together, then strain the solution into a spray bottle and add a cup of water. The mixture can be sprayed onto picnic tables, clothing and even pets.

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