One new species of Genus Cyclea Arn. ex Wight (Menispermaceae Juss.) for the flora of Vietnam

In the Flora of Vietnam, the genus Cyclea Arn. ex Wight (Menispermaceae Juss.) had 8 species [Pham Hoang Ho, 1999; Nguyen Tien Ban, 2003]. In 2004, Vu Tien Chinh and Vu Xuan Phuong have found one new species for the flora of Vietnam, therefore there were 9 species of Cyclea in Vietnam. During the study of specimens of this genus, we have found one new species (Cyclea sutchuenensis Gagnep.) for the flora of Vietnam; this specimen was kept in the botanical herbarium in Hochiminh city (HM). So, there are 10 species of the genus Cyclea in the flora of Vietnam.

Cyclea sutchuenensis Gagnep.
1. cành mang quả; 2. một phần của cụm hoa đực; 3. hoa đực; 4. bộ nhị, cánh hoa; 5. thùy đài hoa; 6. quả.
(hình vẽ theo mẫu Petelot 6450, HM)

Vu Tien Chinh, Vu Xuan Phuong
Bio.J. 28(2)/6-2006



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