One new genus of the family Gesneriaceae for the flora of Vietnam

The genus Lagarosolen W. T. Wang (Gesneriaceae) was published in 1984 with 1 species L. hispidus W. T. Wang. In 1993, D. Fang & L. Zeng have introduced one new species L. intergrifolius D. Fang & L. Zeng. These specimens were collected in Yunnan and Quangxi provinces of China. The genus Lagarosolen was regarded as endemic of China. During the study of specimes and documents of Gesneriaceae of Vietnam, we have found that the genus Lagarosolen has distributed also in Vietnam, with 1 species L. hispidus W. T. Wang; the specimens were collected in the Chodon district, Baccan province. Thus, this genus and this species were new records for the flora of Vietnam.

Lagarosolen hispidus W. T. Wang
1. flowering plant; 2. flower; 3. opened corolla; 4. calyx and style
(drawn on specimen HAL 4863, HN)

Vu Xuan Phuong



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