Resources of medicinal plants of Annonaceae in Vietnam

Resource of medicinal plants in Annonaceae is quite extensive. In this is study we initially identified 52 species and varieties among more than 207 reported species and varieties. These plants are used to treat different diseases that we grouped into: digestive, bone, enrichment of health, skin diseases, sick of the weather, stomach, respiratory, kidney, liver, eye diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, mental, animal bites, and heart disease, diseases in women, sick children. The parts used for various drugs include roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds, roots, leaves and stems are mainly used. We also supplied preliminary basic characteristics to identify species, ecology, distribution and fruiting period.

Keyword: Resources, medicinal, Annonaceae, Vietnam.

Do Ngoc Dai
(Scientific and Technology Journal No.49 (3A) (2011): 1-6)



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