Chemical composition of essetial oil of the Aplinia galanga's root from Xiengkhoang province, Laos

The essential oil of Alpinia galanga s,roots collected from Xieng Khoang province, Lao in November 2009 was isolated by steam distillation to give oil yield was 0.75% and analyzed by Capillary GC and GC/MS,  twenty night components have been identified accounting more than 95.8% of the oil. The major constituents of this oil appeared to be 1,8-cineole (67.9%) and α-pinene (7.0%).
Keywords: Alpinia galanga, essential oil, Laos, 1,8-cineol, α-pinene.

Do Ngoc Dai
Tran Dinh Thang
Faculty of Chemistry, Vinh University
(Journal of Biological Technology, 8(3A): 441-444)



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